why waste time?

I see the recent flak on a particular individual in my state because of a joke which he cracked on us in his Facebook page. I am  shocked to see the response of our people which is  so intense and so fierce in nature! We should try to see things from the person’s perspective. It was just a joke he was cracking and he has  done this thing  earlier with other Indian states also, it is something which he does with many people and states. We should be taking it in lighter vein instead of being sooooo much serious. Though I agree that few sentences were objective, we could have given an equally shaming and joking comment instead of burning effigies and staging protests! The response was way beyond  what was expected for a not so important matter concerning our state RIGHT NOW. I wish the people of our state felt with the same kind of intensity for the innocent children dying of Japanese Encephalitis in our state, the death toll of  which has crossed 50. Why can’t we stage protests against the government for  not providing them (the children affected) with immediate treatment and  to stop the spread of this epidemic as soon as possible? There are also other very serious issues concerning our state which need attention right now. 

*these views are personal. 

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