Can being fearless make me powerful?


Can being powerful make me fearless? 

May not be.

After all, what is fear? 

When you believe that god is near?

Now, is god there? 

Then why is there so restlessness everywhere?

Only the inevitable truth can be the answer.

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Have patience dear!

Perseverance, one of the most important traits to be possessed. It’s very important to have this trait in our every day life if we want to succeed. And if one doesn’t have, better to inculcate because nothing comes easy, after all!

Sadly, the present day generation lacks it in abundance. We hardly bother about keeping our cool in situations which demand our  time and attention. And whether you agree or not, I feel that many people nowadays lack manners.They lack the proper behavioral etiquettes  and that makes things appear ugly. Why are we so impatient? Today’s lifestyle obviously has to be blamed, with so much of  hectic work schedule, so many distractions and so many modern “gadgets”, it’s tough to concentrate on a particular thing for a longer period of time. We hurry things, and that is what impatience is all about – hurrying things. So how do we solve this problem? This problem which is a hindrance to  soooo many upcoming good things….I am no sage but I can share my personal opinion. When you  face anything strong, like a thing which requires your  endurance, realize its potential.It may torment you, but always remember something good is surely going to happen and you are just being tested. Have faith in yourself. If you decide to be successful in a task, no one can stop you in your endeavour in achieving that.If you feel like you’re unable to continue then tell yourself encouraging things, understand that it’s being tough. Self help is the best help. 

And maybe then you can develop that extra patience, which will carry you through your turbulent times. You can also ask   your near ones to help you organise things. Alright?

Be patient, man!

©2016 Ananya Dash All rights reserved


It’s so good to write. Writing has the immense potential to light you up. You feel relaxed,refreshed and rejuvenated after writing things down and venting out your emotions; emotions which otherwise could have just been there, within you, disturbing you all the time. Writing is also an amazing way to express your feelings and to share the same with other people. 

If you feel offended, perplexed, out of place and think your life to be going out of  tracks and moreover when you do not have anyone to talk to, then write. Okay, now this may appear like I am beating around the bush but I just want to stress on the habit and practice of writing which  has the  power to carve great individuals in us. It’s so important to live everyday happily, to bask in every moment that life has to offer and more than that to cherish these moments for thoughtful and happy recollection. Start maintaining a diary,relate your everyday experiences. Save it for future references or use. One fine day, when you have nothing to do except lounging on the couch, open the diary and go through your past experiences. Feel the difference. I am sure you will love it! 

©2016 Ananya Dash All rights reserved

Winter wind.

  • The morning today is really cold out here. Yesterday night’s rain has made it more cooler. It reminds me of a Shakespearian dialogue about  the winter wind, which can be so cruel at times. ” The churlish chiding of the winter’s wind” from his play “As you like it” which we had in our high school.  This is one of my favourite dialogues among others in the play. And, here comes the tea! Thank you bou ( momma in odia) for taking care of such little things all the time. The bliss of having a cup of hot tea in this chilling morning is way beyond what words can describe! 
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