The Road

The Road appears dusty,with no passerby to ask for help.

I am a lone traveller, glaring at the hot soil beneath me.

I see fumes of vapour rising from this same soil, far off.

What will happen now, where am I to go?

I feel stranded in an alien land, with only a road before me. 

The entire landscape appears hazy now, like the fuming vapour from the soil.

My legs feel weak, and beads of sweat drench me in their rain.

Oh, what is this pain that I feel? It has gripped my entire being!

Am I not going to cover the distance and taste victory?

Victory!? Is it victory that I will find at the end of this road?

Who knows. 

©2017 Ananya Dash All rights reserved


Heart’s voice

Watch what the heart has to say,

Let not the mind come in it’s way.

Sometimes, you need to accept things as they come, 

And not fret over them like  dumb.

You cannot always be sure that the heart is right,

But, not following your heart,will  only increase your plight.

As, friend, your heart is the voice of your soul,

And without it, you’re as good as a pole.

©2017 Ananya Dash All rights reserved

Inner light

Dark it appears all around,

Is there no door to escape?

I search for my inner light,

Which I can no where find, 

Only brood over the past. 

Am I not wasting time? They ask.

I sob and search for my inner light.

Hoping that some day things will change,

And all the troubles will be laid to rest.

And I will then take a flight,

With my inner light.

©2017 Ananya Dash All rights reserved