A pause

Body becomes heavy,

Breathing becomes slow, 

Life takes a pause.

Heart bleeds, 

Caging a thousand dreams,

Life takes a pause.

There are no thoughts, no feelings in this moment,

Confusing everything up, 

Life takes a pause.

When I realised what practicality is, 

My life took a pause.

©2017 Ananya Dash All rights reserved


Silver filigree of cuttack.

Cuttack is a very ancient city in the state of Odisha. It is famous for its lip smacking food and beautiful artistry. One of the most notable feature of this place that makes it popular all over India is its silver filigree work. Filigree refers to the intricate ornamentation done with twisted metal wires. Each creation of this beautiful work by the artisans is bound to keep you enchanted.

Silver filigree is an age old tradition in odisha. This artistry is said to be existing since 500 years. If you’re an odia girl, you are bound to have at least one  ornament of silver having this intricate design. There are various types of creations that are made with this art, the most popular being the work depicting lord  Jagannath and his siblings. This is presented as a souvenir and is very popular. 

Silver filigree work is known as “Tarakasi” in odia. There are various types of styles and designs that are made with this art. One can find various types of designs, including  jewellery, purses, crockery, famous statues and many other things, the list is endless.( And I am actually tired to type much :p)

 One would find different pieces having different designs, each one is unique in itself. They are really eye catching. There are varied forms available to suit different tastes. The artistry is really very delicate. 

Now, these are all handmade. So, there is a lot of precision involved when the artisans are doing their work. It takes a lot of effort to make these beautiful pieces. Thus, the pricing is also quite high but not as high so as to burn a hole in your pocket. The piece of art that you take home, is worth all the money.

These silver filigree ornaments are also worn by odissi dancers. Odissi is the classical dance form of odisha. 

This form of art is my personal favourite because of its uniqueness! 

The silver filigree work is also used to decorate goddess Durga during dussehra. This decoration is called as “chandi medha”. This puja is celebrated with lot of fun and frolick. The puja symbolises  victory of good over evil and also showcases woman power.

The above picture shows a ” chandi medha”. Many”medhas” made to mark the occasion of the puja. 

Don’t you think this is awesome? So, if anytime you  come to visit odisha, do not forget to take away with you these beautiful forms of art.  Afterall,they are such a delight to the eye, aren’t they? 

Image courtesy: Google.

©2017 Ananya Dash All rights reserved